About Us


 We are here to serve your every requirement in the world of Aviation, Aircraft parts, Engines and Airport Equipment, parts supplies consumables and related products. You can rely on our experience and expertise for solutions to your specific needs, technical questions and customized applications at the shortest possible time.

 BC Technoloy Pte Ltd was formed to meet the increasing needs of the aviation industry in the Asian region. Started primarily to provide service and spares support to airlines, airports, defense and aviation industries, BC Technology is involved in the supply of aircraft spares, aircraft ground support equipment (GSE), Hydraulic test equipment, Ground Power Units, and Tow tractors. We are one of the leading suppliers of aircraft parts, Ground support equipment, Ground power units in the region. The Ground Support Equipment (GSE) of BC Technology Pte Ltd., provides safe and reliable ground power operations, aircraft mobility and loading and unloading of cargo for both passenger and cargo aircraft. Having set our foot firmly in Singapore, we are looking to gain foothold in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand.

 Our range of services include GSE equipment, GSE maintenance and repair, aviation supply, aircraft equipment supply and aircraft engine service and maintenance. Our ground power units provide high quality consistent DC power for the aircraft to start. With decades of experience in the production and maintenance of Ground Power Units, most leading airports and aircraft manufacturers are our customers.

 With our inventory management, parts procurement and repair administration programs we were able to cut down the turnaround time to a great extent. Our aircraft and aviation supplies are of the highest quality. With our commitment on timeliness and quality assurance, we deliver the highest quality products and undertake maintenance and repair services for all your aircraft equipment needs.

 For our customers, we are a leading source of aircraft supplies, providing inventory management services and logistics support. Our computerised inventory system allows real time stock positioning and retrieval.

Since 2010, our company provided our services for Shell Eastern Petroleum Singapore and we have since grown to include pumps, mixers, valves, meters, pressure regulators and gauges etc to our range of products with Europeans and China-made brands.

With the pandemic in 2020, without domestic flights and Aviation industry badly affected; the company begun to focus on the Oil & Gas Industry to expand customers and suppliers network.


  • Professional Integrity
  • Comprehensive Customer service
  • Reliability
  • Top quality products and services at affordable price